The best VR Sex Videos!

 Virtual Real Porn – the first VR Sex Studio!

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virtualrealporn-logoOne of the leading virtual reality porn studios, Virtual Real Porn has always been a favorite, and for good reason. The videos they offer are all high quality and HD, but more than that they tend to offer a wider selection of experiences than some of the more custom-made videos on other sites that often feel rushed or cookie-cutter style, offering little in the way of actual eroticism.

At Virtual Real Porn the models are gorgeous and creative, and though they only have 3 pages worth of videos (which still puts them around average for other VR sites), the actual resolution of the videos is superb and doesn’t have any of the lags or distortion you would expect. They have a VR Video Player on their Website which allows a immersive preview in your browser.

While they do offer some 360 degree movies, most are in 180, and the price for membership seems to reflect this at 29,95 € for three months (although they do have a 15 day starter, but beware of the recurring charge if you choose this route).


 WankzVR – 180° and Binaural Sound

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wankzvr-logoWankzVR comes with 180° and binaural VR porn movies, a great variety of hot pornstars and a very good usability. What makes them different to other VR companies is the possibility to stream their movies instead of downloading them. You can chose between three kind of memberships. There is 1 month for $19.99, 3 month for $39.95 or 12 month for $79.95.


 Czech VR – the high quality natural Sex Video Company

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czechvr-logoThe Mental Pass Network has long been a prime supplier of porn, and Czech VR is probably the most immersive in terms of quality pornographic material. If you’re looking for exotic European ladies that really push the boundaries, then look no further. While they have a somewhat average library of videos, all of them conveniently titled after the main actress (Kari, for example, a supermodel-esque thin beauty), the actual quality of the films is pretty substantial – we were really happy to see they had headset specific downloads for the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, and Smartphone, meaning that you have no compatibility issues and you get the best quality for your device.

Additionally, their videos are a bit longer on average than other sites (many of which max out at five minutes or less) – but probably the biggest benefit of going with Czech VR is their price. As part of Mental Pass, their month long $24.95 cost gives you access to all their sites, including Czech VR. The only real complain we had about Czech VR? The sets were not as diverse as we’d hoped, even though they have a lot of lesbian action. We won’t fault them for that though 😉


Badoink VR – Highest Quality VR Porn & awesome Models

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badoinkvr-logoBadoink VR has long been one of the best VR sites on the web, in part because of its high resolution videos which feature a number of striking models, both up and coming, but always professional.

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Compared to many other sites it of course offers compatibility with all of the three top headsets, including the Oculus Rift, the Samsung Gear VR, and of course the iPhone. On top of that they also have one of the better frame rates of all sites – most tend to balance at around 50, but Badoink VR generally goes with 60 meaning that the realism and immersive experience are all the more engaging.

They also have one of the biggest archives of VR films (nearly 8 pages) – the only downside being that their payment plan can be a bit steep. But heres a Badoink VR Coupon with which you can save 33% off. And on the other hand, if you go all in for a year membership they do throw in a free headset.


VR Bangers – hot Chicks in great VR Sex Action

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vrbangers-logoVR Bangers is newer to the scene of VR studios, but it has quickly risen to prominence for a few key reasons – first, they have a growing list of gorgeous and very varied models (actually one of the most diverse we’ve seen) that often appear in movies together, and secondly the quality of their videos is one of the highest on the market.

All of their videos have 60 fps meaning there’s no distortion or lag on any device, and they come in 4K HD. Add this to the fact they all contain binaural sound so you can really hear them moan, and a full 360 degree panorama and it’s pretty obvious why VR Bangers is the new kid on the block to really watch out for. We also really enjoy the fact they have special event videos, like for Valentines.

The only real downside is their limited archive thus far, but given how active they are on their social media and website, this is a good place to keep your eye on.


 Hologirls VR – famous Stars, decent VR Sex Library

 Home_-_HoloGirls_VR_-_2016-03-17_14.41.36  Home_-_HoloGirls_VR_-_2016-03-17_15.38.15 Home_-_HoloGirls_VR_-_2016-03-17_15.38.38 Home_-_HoloGirls_VR_-_2016-03-17_15.39.16

hologirls-logoThere’s a lot to be said for smaller studios that can manage to churn out quality content in the form of virtual reality porn, and Hologirls VR is no exception. Their website is relatively small, and as a result what is available is also pretty limited – but with a single page of video sets, they manage to cover everything from intimate one-on-one sessions with a tattooed beauty to threesomes to even a foursome and lesbian action.

All of their videos are pretty comparable other sites, but they do manage to offer a full 3D experience with binaural sound. What makes them stand out is probably the fact that they really drive home the philosophy of “immersive” with panoramas anywhere in the 270 to full 360 degree range. They also offer headset specific downloads for the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, and Smartphones. The real reason to go with them? All their videos are often double the length of other sites, and their $19.99 a month deal makes it a worthy successor in the VR industry.


 VirtualRealTrans – For All Tranny Lovers

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virtualrealtrans-logoVirtualRealTrans is the way to go if you are a tranny lover! Take a look at the previews of the homepage of VirtualRealTrans and you will see how many hot trannies they have. Huge tits and dicks all over the place, get your membership today and convince yourself! You have to pay €15.95 for a month, €29.95 for three month or €89.95 for a year.


 Virtual Real Gay – Hot Guys in great Gay VR Videos

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virtualrealgay-logoWhen it comes to virtual reality, Virtual Real Gay manages to expertly cover the other side of sexuality with a fully inclusive and excellent archive of gay virtual reality sets. They actually have a pretty impressive array of different videos (nearly 4 pages, well above average), as well as experiences ranging from one-on-one poolside shenanigans to voyeuristic to couples. As a result, it is also one of the more balanced VR porn sites we’ve found.

Their videos are pretty good on the whole, and above average in length (around 10 minutes and up) – all of them come in 3D with HD resolution and headset specific downloads for the main headset brands, like the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and Smartphone. Ideally it would have been nice to see more than just 180 degrees of vision, but with a 29,95 € for three months offer it’s hard to beat. More on Gay VR .


 Dorcel VR – only two VR Porn Videos at the moment

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dorcel-logoIf there was a Playboy Mansion equivalent for virtual reality porn sites, then Dorcel VR would be front and center. As part of the illustrious Dorcel empire which has catered porn to both print, TV, and video media, one would expect a lot from their virtual reality component. Unfortunately, it falls a bit short, since of almost all the VR sites out there theirs is the most limited. They feature a single bundle which has 3 TV shows, and has a number of different models who are as gorgeous as they are lusty. The one problem? It’s only 7 minutes. The interesting thing about this site, and its redeeming quality, is that the actual content is hard to best in terms of overall experience: length, models, graphics, and compatibility with headsets (including the Homido). It also, surprisingly, features a Soft and Hard experience – the Hard being the full download while the Soft is a tempting trailer, introducing you as the director of a porn movie. What happens next is up to you.


TeenMegaWorld VR – For Teen Lovers

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teenmegaworld-logoTeenMegaWorld is not a VR porn company but they are a big player on the teen porn market. Recently they decided to also offer VR porn movies and so far it looks very promising. The movies have all a very good quality and the girls featured are adorable. Of course you get also access to the other porn movies which are not made for VR. The cheapest option is the monthly subscription for $29.95. More Teen VR Videos on this site.