Badoink VR

312781_14_1The future of porn is here folks! That is a big claim I am making but once you get your hands, you will want to stick to it (and not just because you will be having sticky hands!) If you ever watched porn and thought, I wish I was there, well, be careful for what you wish for! With BadoinkVR, you will be more than just a silent observer. Here we look at the good, the not so bad and the ugly beautiful that you get with BadoinkVR.

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The good about Badoink VR

BadoinkVR, if you do not already know by now, stands for Badoink Virtual Reality. This is akin to watching a 3D movie, only with better graphics, better user interface and a video experience that is far more immersive compared to normal videos. What this means is the line between fact and fiction in porn is slowly being erased and you are no longer a mere spectator but a player in the field. Cum play now!

The ‘not so’ bad about Badoink VR

313053_14_1Now I was going for 1966 movie, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – however I have to go with ‘not so bad’ instead of bad, because truly there is not much bad when it comes to the technical side of BadoinkVR. Change, however, is not something that a lot of us are comfortable with. To get you started, BadoinkVR will be giving you free virtual reality headsets which are similar to Google Cardboards that are in use.

Now all you need to do is start downloading videos that you can then stream and enjoy the show. If you already have a VR headset, then that is great too and you can get started watching your favourite stars perform. Furthermore, you could also buy other VR headsets like Oculus Rift and Gear VR. There is an app that needs to be downloaded too if you want to experience this on your smartphones, but that is pretty easy and works well without and major technical issues or difficulties. As for watching it using Gear VR, you will need to have MILK VR application installed on your phones. What clearly sucks about Badoink is that they dont support bitcoin.

The beautiful about Badoink VR

311784_14_1The hottest pornstars out there, entertaining you in a way that you have not been entertained before. From singles to couples, BadoinkVR is set to capture your wildest imagination and bring your fantasises to life. Along with the 180 and 360 degrees Stereoscopic 3D views, you also get access to hearing binaural sound system that will give you eargasms before the orgasms! Also, it doesn’t matter whether you an iPhone fan boy or an android loyalist as BadoinkVR works equally well regardless of which smartphone you are using right now. Now all you need to get started with this surreal experience is to be a member of BadoinkVR.

Final Word

What can be said about this unreal experience is that it is anything but predictable. It is brash, in your face, and supremely sexy! This is pornography 2.0 – a better version that will be driving people wild in the very near future.

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